Mo Correll

Post-Doctoral Researcher
The University of Maine
School of Biology and Ecology
The Climate Change Institute

p: 413.687.4503
f: 207.581.2534


My research interests focus on the drivers of large-scale patterns in wildlife communities across space and time, specifically in tidal marsh birds and plants. As part of SHARP, I am working to identify patterns in tidal marsh bird distribution and abundance over time using historical datasets from SHARP collaborators.  We have 20 projects from 16 different organizations contributing data collected between 1994 and the present in tidal marshes of northeastern North America.  I am using this data along with SHARP survey data collected between 2011 and 2014 to model overall population trends in the both the project’s focal species and the bird community as a whole. On a somewhat different note, I am also developing a remote-sensing method for predicting tidal-marsh vegetation communities using publicly available multispectral imagery and high-resolution elevation data.