Collaborators & Contacts

Principal Investigators

Jonathan Cohen, SUNY-ESF
Chris Elphick, University of Connecticut
Tom Hodgman, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Adrienne Kovach, The University of New Hampshire
Brian Olsen, University of Maine
Greg Shriver, University of Delaware

Research Scientists

Dennis Anderson, University of Maine
Britt Cline, University of Delaware
Brian Klingbeil, University of Connecticut
Kate Ruskin, University of Connecticut
Liz Tymkiw, University of Delaware

Collaborating Investigators

David Curson, Maryland-DC Audubon
Susan Elbin, New York City Audubon
Erin King, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Kate O’Brien, US Fish & Wildlife Service
Nancy Pau, US Fish & Wildlife Service

Graduate Students

University of Connecticut
Alyssa Borowske
Chris Field
Emma Shelly

University of Delaware
Tim Freiday
Becky Kern
Sam Roberts
Whitney Wiest

University of Maine
Meaghan Conway
Mo Correll
Laura Garey
Kate Ruskin

University of New Hampshire
Bri Benvenuti
Jen Walsh

Alison Kocek

IMG_3193 (2)

SHARP Members attending our fifth annual “All-Hands” meeting in Storrs, Connecticut. FRONT ROW from left: Chris Elphick, Laura Garey, Alyssa Borowske, Suzanne Paton, Jen Walsh, Tom Hodgman, Adrienne Kovach, Jonathan Cohen, Britt Cline, Logan Cline, Sam Roberts, Mo Correll, Kate Ruskin, Brian Klingbeil; BACK ROW from left: Chris Field, Meaghan Conway, Alison Kocek, Brian Olsen, Greg Shriver, Liz Tymkiw, Bri Benvenuti, Tim Freiday

Additional Collaborating Partners

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